Autonomous Land Vehicle

Advance Remote Autonomous Research Vehicle (AARV)

  • Controls and videos range up to 1KM Line of sight or autonomous up to 2-5km (depending on application)
  • Advance Virtual Driver View (VpV) As if you are in the vehicles, the camera turn as you turn your head
  • The system combines an open embedded architecture with small size, extreme ruggedness, and hot-swappable industrial I/O modules



  • Used as an extension of human capability in hazardous situations, e.g explosives and bomb disabling vehicles, collecting scientific data at hazadorus condition (radioactive, poisoness)
  • Gain information about the environment.
  • Work for extended durations without human intervention.
  • Travel from point A to point B, without human navigation assistance.
  • Avoid situations that are harmful to people, property or itself, unless those are part of its design specifications
  • Capable of operating outdoors and over a wide variety of terrain
  • Teleoperated and Autonomous
  • Teleoperated: controlled by a human operator at a remote location via a communications link, based upon sensory feedback from either line-of-sight visual observation or video cameras


Example of  Research potential:

  • Repair itself without outside assistance.
  • Detect objects of interest such as people and vehicles.
  • Learn or gain new capabilities without outside assistance.
  • Adjust strategies based on the surroundings.
  • Adapt to surroundings without outside assistance.
  • Route Clearance.
  • Surveillance / Reconnaissance


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