Centaurus Academy

Centaurus Academy serves to inspire a passion among primary and secondary students in the study of aerospace (astronautics & aeronautics) and mechatronics (robotics). We achieve this by providing attractive educational tools that provide hands-on knowledge in various principles of flight and robotic design.

Our educational tools poses to educate students with different learning styles categorized by Fleming’s VARK (or VAK) model:

1. Visual learners (V)
2. Auditor learners (A)
3. Reading/writing learners (R)
4. Kinesthetic learners or tactile learners (K)

All our educational kits provide for all four aspects of learning styles. Each educational kit comes with the following:

1. Aircraft building kit (K)
2. CD: how to make video, PDF information with online links (V, A)
3. Printout with diagrams, principles and worksheets (V, R)
4. Free membership for 6 months (V, A, R)
Membership extension available with additional product purchase or subscription.

Centaurus Academy Educational Tools (Coming Soon)


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